2015 – 2016

The House is known as the protesters’ headquarters during the Revolution of Dignity in 2013-2014, which led to overthrow of the President and change of the political course of Ukraine. During the storm by the government military forces the House was essentially ruined by the fire. The premises from the second to the sixth floor were destroyed, part of the supporting reinforced concrete structures of the building were damaged, some floor slabs collapsed onto the lower floors, part of the windows were burnt, the screen was burnt and the clock on the tower of the building was out of order. In total, almost 40% of the entire area of the building was destroyed. During 2014-2015 a full technical and instrumental inspection of the building, engineering and hydrological investigations were performed. This made it possible to determine the fundamental possibility and expediency of restoring the building and to choose primary measures to eliminate the consequences of the fire and strengthen the supporting structures. The investment and construction company “FENIX GROUP” became the general contractor for the reconstruction of the House of Trade Unions in the city of Kyiv. On January 2, 2016, restoration work began, which was divided into two stages. The first stage was aimed at restoring the bearing capacity of the building. The second stage provided for the restoration of facades, internal engineering communications, and the interior of the building.

2016 – 2017

Restoration of the bearing capacity of the building, dismantling and installation of elevator shafts.

At the first stage, work was carried out to strengthen and replace part of the damaged reinforced concrete slabs of the floor with slabs using profiled steel decking with a height of 135 mm. Before carrying out work on strengthening and disassembling structures, temporary fasteners were installed in emergency locations, namely 450 supports and 380 beams. According to the developed work execution project for dismantling, non-standard equipment (cabinets, beams, flooring) was made for safe execution of work. Reinforcement of concrete beams and columns was carried out with the help of metal structures made of high-strength steel grade S355, which significantly increased the reliability of the frame. In total, 348 floor slabs, 179 concrete beams were replaced, and 144 tons of metal structures were manufactured/installed. Works were carried out on the removal of travertine tiles from the facade and tower of the building, the dismantling of stairwells, after which new ones were installed according to modern requirements for the evacuation of people during a fire. A large volume of work was performed to clean the walls, ceilings, and columns from the consequences caused by the fire.


The assembly hall of the building suffered the most damage.

For restoration, the roof slabs were completely dismantled. Instead, a reinforced concrete monolithic belt was built around the perimeter of the hall, on which one of the largest beams 19 m long and 9 m wide was installed. The weight of the steel structure is almost 10 tons. There are six such sections in total.

2017 – 2018

Restoration of facades, restoration of internal engineering communications and internal equipment of the building.

At this stage, a complex of construction and installation works was performed, namely:

  • reinforcement and insulation of the facade;
  • dismantling all old and installation of new window systems;
  • laying engineering communications;
  • installation of internal partitions from the gas block;
  • internal maintenance works;
  • arrangement of the surrounding area.

5,533 m2 of scaffolding was installed to strengthen and insulate the facade. Ceramic granite was used for facing the house, and a layer of mineral wool 120 mm thick was used for insulation. The window openings are framed by metal structures. This design of the ventilated facade, combined with modern window systems, meets the new fire safety standards and will ensure the energy efficiency of the building.


Completion of the restoration works.

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