About the project

Business Centre «LUWR» (LUkyanivka Work and Relax) is a modern A-class business centre, which was constructed during 2018-2022. FENIX GROUP is a developer of the project.

LUWR BC is located in the central area of Kyiv in the old district of Lukyanivka.

The building consists of two sections: the 7-storey section (section A) and the 17-storey tower (section B). The total area of the building is 26 000 sq. m. The business center is managed by modern and efficient engineering systems. Open planning and developed infrastructure, together with other advantages, create comfortable conditions for work and leisure.


Panoramic views. The premises of the Tower offer a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. LUWR Business Centre harmoniously combines comfort and aesthetics.

Fast elevators. 8 ThyssenKrup elevators with the load capacity up to 1000 kg provide high-speed movement in the building.

Data storage. The business center is provided with its own servers, structured cable system, and access control system for storing data on the building maintenance.

Fire safety. All premises are equipped with systems of fire extinguishing and warning, gas contamination control, fire protection of metal structures, and engineering penetrations. All measures have been taken to prevent the occurrence of fires and the spread of fire.

Heating. The business center is heated from the own 2.48-MW boiler room with Buderus energy-saving boilers that are located on the roof of the building and are turned on on-demand, not on a schedule. Offices maintain a set temperature at any time of the year.

Follow the link to learn more about project: www.luwr.com.ua

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