Despite the conditions of martial law, we, together with Spaces Ukraine, continue to work, creating comfortable conditions for the work of our residents in the Kyiv location “Spaces Maidan Plaza”. Each of them is a separate business, entrepreneur or public organization that here and now creates jobs, pays taxes and helps us in the struggle for self-preservation and independence.
In June of last year, after a three-month forced shutdown, our location resumed its work and returned to its usual active rhythm of life already in the fall.
Generators and equipped bomb shelters are now integral attributes of Ukrainian offices, and we are no exception here. Already at the beginning of autumn, we carried out the necessary work to equip a bomb shelter with permanent Internet, a kitchen and workplaces. The generator and the golden hands of our engineers and power engineers provide constant light, heat and water. And at Idealist Coffee Co, there is always delicious and fragrant coffee.
It is good to see the growing number of foreign residents. Together with us, they are going through one of the most difficult periods of our history. At the same time, this is evidence that every day the belief in the approach of our victory is growing not only among us, but also among foreign businesses.

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